Training Plan Info


Zone 1 Recovery
60 to 65% of max. Easy pace

Zone 2 Steady
65 to 75% of max. Fairly easy pace so that you could breathe just through your nose if you wanted

Zone 3 Tempo
75% to 80% of max. Fairly hard but sustainable pace

Zone 4 Race tempo
80 to 90% of max. Hard pace, sustainable but requires real focus

Zone 5 Red line
90% to 100% max. Very hard, not sustainable for long


MTB – Off road bike
BRICK – Run then bike or Bike then run (Straight after each other)
FC – Front crawl
BACK – Backstroke
BREAST – Breaststroke
PULL – FC with pull-buoy float
PULLANKLES – FC with pull-buoy between ankles
KICK – Kicking on front whilst holding float
FISTS – FC with closed fists
BI – Bilateral breathing (every 3 strokes)
W/U – Warm up
W/D – Warm down