Jen Glover

Jen Glover: Senior Trainer

Jen is a passionate Fitness Instructor with a background in social work and community development. A Sure Start chairperson and former YMCA Global Representative, Jen knows how to bring people together and facilitate positive change. Jen has built several businesses and knows the challenges of combining fitness, family and work. Inspirational and insightful, Jen gets people moving and feeling good about themselves!

When she’s not training clients, Jen can usually to be found doing circuit classes, kettlebells or out running. And when she’s not out running she’s probably running round after her three boys. Just call her Wonder Woman!

“I joined Reach Corporate Fitness because I believe in putting health and fitness right at the top of the long list of life’s priorities. As a working mum of three young children I’ve always made time to work out every day. I take the long-term view that when my work schedule gets hectic, finding that 30 minutes to go for a run means that I have the stamina and fitness to work harder than I would otherwise be able to. And when I get home, I’ve still got the energy to play with my boys. Through our Reach Corporate Fitness programmes, I love helping people fit in their “Hour of Power” at work to create a happy, healthy workforce, a thriving, positive organisation and, in the process, contributing to a better home life. Priceless!”

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